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Alumni Offers, Wikipedia Articles and the Monthly Traffic Rankings

Colleges' Alumni Offers
A strong alumni offer is a really solid foundation for community development. The best are mostly led by the alumni themselves, with current staff providing operational support. Of the 457 College Websites checked 56% have no Alumni Offer. Of the 199 that do, a simple simple five point test has been run:
  1. Organiser Details
  2. Contact Details
  3. Contact Form
  4. Alumni Registration Form
  5. Annual Events Listings

These are the results from a total score of 5, with half marks made for only the email or telephone number being shown. Really good examples of best practice are found on many College's websites, with annual commemorations for ex-students killed during wartime, especially with the 100th. anniversary of Armistice Day, being the most poignant example. The only perfect score is by the Old Monovians of Sir George Monoux College with the Alumni & Supporters Network at Bradford College and the College Association of Shuttleworth College close behind with a score of 4 out of 5:

Grade 0 ½ 1 2 3 4 5
Total 51 37 54 19 26 2 5 1 2 0 1

College's Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is currently the 6th most popular website in the UK and is frequently used by potential students, clients and stakeholders as a method of accessing evidence of a College's expertise and operational competency. A simple five point test has been undertaken and a clear Top Ten and outstanding Number One College Wikipedia Article have been identified. Of the FE/6F/AE Colleges that have a Wikipedia Article this is the 5 point test that has been run:

  1. College Logo - An up to date current logo
  2. Photograph/Photographs - An external image of each campus is great and archive images add value
  3. Infobox - A box on the right with details of the College
  4. Article Length - 400 words is the easy going cut-off point
  5. Total References - 10 is the easy going cut-off point

Wikipedia Content Best Practice is quick to emulate, is easy to track in Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Data Studio, has a cracking return on investment, and is more than equal to all the analogue and digital advertising spend. Each of the best College articles have good things to emulate but only the Royal National College for the Blind's Wikipedia Article is strong enough to be accepted as a Wikipedia Featured Article

FE/6F/AE College Wikipedia Articles, 1st July 2018. Logo Photos Infobox Word Length Total 
* Royal_National_College_for_the_Blind 4,553 110
The_College_of_Haringey,_Enfield_and_North_East_London 3,843 30
Weston_College 2,182 83
Writtle_University_College 2,016 25
Totton_College 1,801 31
Peter_Symonds_College 1,868 42
Derby_College 1,592 10
Newcastle_College 1,573 37
Furness_College,_Barrow-in-Furness 1,551 12
Sir_John_Deane%27s_College 1,550 17
Heart_of_Worcestershire_College 1,404 10
Hadlow_College 1,388 10
Grimsby_Institute_of_Further_%26_Higher_Education 1,362 21
Edinburgh_College 1,241 25
Leyton_Sixth_Form_College 980 11
City_and_Islington_College 978 15
Cheadle_and_Marple_Sixth_Form_College 951 15
Bath_College 849 11
Kirklees_College 785 12
Bedford_College,_Bedford 777 13
Shrewsbury_Sixth_Form_College 771 20
Bridgwater_and_Taunton_College 764 11
Hull_College 763 24
Farnborough_College_of_Technology 746 16
Wakefield_College 742 16
Buxton_%26_Leek_College 703 23
Franklin_College,_Grimsby 681 40
Leeds_City_College 664 16
City_of_Westminster_College 649 10
West_Suffolk_College 648 22
Vision_West_Nottinghamshire_College 632 16
City_of_Bristol_College 628 19
Telford_College 563 10
City_of_Stoke-on-Trent_Sixth_Form_College 518 23

Nota bene - There are four Lists of College Articles for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as many local Wikipedia Articles that must be used to provide the biggest footprint and the best evidence base for decision makers to enroll, employ and, sectorwide, endow.

July 2018 Snapshot Website Traffic Rankings

Hadlow College are, by getting to 4th from a 2016/17 average of 229th, the standout performer this month reaching their best Alexa & Sectorwide ranking. A group of 9 College Websites have been added to the monthly snapshot website traffic review. The best performing is the new Group Website for Hackney, Redbridge, and Tower Hamlets Colleges:

  • 141st. New City College
  • 269th. Co-Operative College
  • 313rd. Marine Society College
  • 318th. Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College
  • 384th. Bedford Sixth Form College
  • 418th. Shuttleworth College
  • 444th. Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College
  • 449th. Ludlow College
  • 456th. Riseholme College

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