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Dashboards, Live Data Studio Reports and the Monthly Traffic Rankings

College Dashboards

So far this is our largest project. It forms part of my presentation at a research conference in mid June on digital inclusion.

Each dashboard shows most public presentations of all Colleges' corporate logos before then showing this site's visitor traffic from individual College's network servers. All of this data can be replicated on an intranet dashboard as well as a VLE dashboard for relevant subject area. This will go a long way to publicising to staff and to students, the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of interactions with the College happening online annually.

Data Studio Pages

In addition to including tabs to all the Latest Data Reports showing single page visitor data, these two live Data Studio reports show site-wide visitor data. Again there are filters on all live Data Studio reports and on these mobile and landline service providers are excluded. All of these reports are straightforward to build and can be presented in closed lists such as management teams, individual departments, and, as part of a critically important digital skills enrichment offer, to students.

April 2019 Alexa Website Traffic Rankings

Warwickshire College Group have powered to third place but there is also a small drop in relative performance sectorwide that indicates no overall development of the sector's online audience share. It would be great project to have a real crack at this; probably one for the SLT/SMT members on this list to take a lead on.

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