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Financial Statements, Facebook Logos, and the Monthly Traffic Rankings

Financial Statements

It is good to be doing these again. For the first one back I've completed a review of the annual financial statements presented on College websites. With perfect timing the Government has set a deadline for Colleges to post their 2017/18 Financial Statements online, so this report should help the sector to achieve a 100% pass rate. As of 17 January 43% of ESFA funded Colleges had complied with the Government's new requirement. I have emailed the Scottish Funding Council, Colleges Wales, and the Northern Ireland Department for the Economy to ask if they have plans to set an equivalent requirement. Finally, do let me know when I should update this report.

Facebook Company Logos

Back in 2017 Facebook announced the change of design for profile pictures and company logos and the circular design is being rolled out with the effect that some logos are being unpleasantly cropped. It is probably worth refreshing all of the social media logos as some, particularly company logos presented on LinkedIn, are very cropped or very low quality images.

January 2019 Alexa Website Traffic Rankings

  1. Southern Regional College - £38,677,000
  2. City of Glasgow College - £84,666,000
  3. Edinburgh College - £67,676,000
  4. Glasgow Clyde College - £48,003,000
  5. Exeter College - £40,730,000
  6. Coleg Sir Gâr - £30,961,000
  7. Glasgow Kelvin College - £30,712,000
  8. Greenhead College - £10,444,000
  9. Manchester College - £184,080,000
  10. City Literary Institute - £18,666,000

Of all 448 Colleges, it is not the biggest that attract the largest volume of site traffic. I have scheduled a sectorwide review of website search engine optimisation which, I hope, will shed some light on why some Colleges consistently perform best.

This report is being sent in Westminster Hall at the College Funding debate. Do try to get local Parliamentarians to visit your College as every MP speaking in the debate has referenced their frequent visits, all of them speaking in glowing terms about their local Colleges. #loveourcolleges

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