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Website Recruitment Systems, Instagram Logos, and the Monthly Traffic Rankings

Colleges'Staff Recruitment Systems

This is a review of the 449 job vacancies pages and the recruitment systems in use to optimise the number and quality of applicants and to automate the process of completed applications submitted by potential employees, from Chief Executive and Principal to Farrier and Website Officer.

Amazingly, for 225 Colleges their choice is to have no digital system in place and to simply post vacancies as content on the website. My guess is the cause for such a high number of non-technical operations are the extortionate prices charged by commercial service providers such as FE Jobs - £6,000 for the basic service - and that this is a clear case for a Sector owned, easy to integrate and to administer Vacancies Service.

Anyway, here is a list of the digital systems currently in use alongside the total of Colleges using each:

42 - iTrent 1 - Cintra IQ
28 - eTeach/FE Jobs 1 - Gravity Form
22 - Networx 1 - HF Labs
18 - Vacancy Filler 1 - Hire Wire
12 - Blue Octopus 1 - Hireserve
11 - Access Group rEcruit 1 - iRecruit
8 - Software for People 1 - Jobs Go Public
6 - My Job Scotland 1 -
6 - TES 1 - LinkedIn
3 - AoC Jobs 1 - Monster Solutions
3 - CV Minder 1 - Oracle Taleo
2 - Cezanne 1 - Stonefish
2 - Change Work Now 1 - SurveyMonkey
2 - Engage ATS 1 - Tal.Net
2 - North East Jobs 1 - WCN
1 - School Recruiter 1 - Webrecruit
1 - Belfast Met E-Link Solutions Total: 185 from 449 College Websites

Coincidentally Shawn Bradley from Perkbox is hosting Lucy Adams from Disruptive HR in a webinar next Tuesday titled How Human Resources Can Stop Stressing.

College Social Media Logos

Completing the quartet of social media corporate logos, this is the Instagram Logos Table. As with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Logos there are high and low resolution images, inventive and creative designs, and, especially for Instagram, an image sharing platform, maddeningly poor selections and ill considered framing.

Monthly Alexa Website Traffic Rankings in Order

There really is not any real variation each month with top performing Colleges continuing to perform well. Further down the rankings Leeds City College at 19th, Croydon College at 49th, and Stockport College at 73rd, are all better ranked than at anytime since this monthly report commenced back in November 2016; so well done to their Marketing Teams:
Leeds City College
Croydon Colege
Stockport College

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