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What is necessary to present on the website when inviting potential students, and their families, to attend a College's Open Event?

The Means of Ensuring Participation

44% of Colleges (173) do not offer a means of ensuring participation in their open events.

The Date, Time & Location Address

54% of College websites (212) fail to show all or some of the important event details.

A Map

64% of College websites (253) fail to present a map on the event's page.

Add to Calendar Function

70% of College websites (276) fail to offer this basic digital functionality.

A Contact Person/Team & Contact Details

90% of College websites (354) do not present an individual or team to address, or to ask for, when a site user wishes to write or speak to an event's organiser.

15% (59) fail to include any contact details on the event page or in the website footer or header.

A Virtual Tour

98% of College websites (386) do not offer augmented and/or navigable 360º images showing the overall campus and/or the detailed interiors.

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